Fire Prevention

Chris Daley Captain

Chris Daley,   Fire Prevention officer for the Big White Fire Department.

We all know that smoke alarms and saves lives, but only working smoke alarms saves lives, therefore it is essential that you check their operation by testing them on a monthly basis, you can do this by pressing the “Test” button to ensure that the alarm sounds. For those of you that have smoke alarms that are powered through your house electrical system, look for a green light, this will let you know that your alarm has power, and for those of you that have battery powered alarms it is important that you change your batteries regularly, so why not set a note on your calendar for when the the clocks change in the spring and fall  to change  the batteries in your smoke alarm as well? Smoke alarms should be replaced every 10 years, and if you are purchasing battery powered alarms in the near future, consider purchasing alarms with a 10 year battery life. Don’t forget to recycle your old alarm!

I have attached a couple of useful links:

Safety tips for smoke alarms:

Smoke alarm quiz- Test your knowledge!

Electrical safety in the home.

We all rely on electricity in our daily lives, however electricity can be extremely dangerous, overloaded power bars and sockets, and that damaged extension cord we were going to replace and never got round to are just a few examples. In this modern world our children accept everything, we teach them to safely cross the road, but do we even think to teach them about electrical safety? I have attached a fun booklet below that we can use to start to teach children about electrical safety


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