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Work Experience


The Big White Fire Department is seeking candidates for the Work Experience Program (WEP 23). We are accepting applications from January 1, 2024 until the end of the business day, February 28, 2024 with the program to run from the end of May 2024 until the end of the ski season 2025 (usually mid to late April).

Do you want to serve as a full time firefighter, gain firefighting experience, continue your fire service education, live in the fire station, and be part of a progressive team? If so, this might be the position you’re looking for!

Being a firefighter is a challenging and rewarding career for both men and women. A firefighter today must be skilled, competent, professional and able to deal with any kind of emergency. Being a WEP firefighter you will have the opportunity to continually maintain and upgrade your skills through specialized training and emergency situations.

Through the 11 month program your responsibilities as a WEP firefighter will include but not be limited to:

  • Fire Suppression
  • Fire Prevention
  • Fire Inspections
  • Motor Vehicle Incidents
  • Emergency Medical Responder
  • First Responder
  • Public Education
  • Public Assists
  • Fire Station & Equipment Maintenance
  • Duty Shifts
  • Volunteerism
  • Fundraising

Over 87% of our graduating members have gone on to career positions in 50 plus departments across Canada

Program Overview

  • Trainees will have the opportunity to maintain their previously acquired NFPA 1001 skills through specialized training drills, regular training sessions, emergency response calls and examinations.
  • Trainees will acquire job experience by participating in specialized programs such as pre-incident planning, public education, regular fire hall duties and other volunteer training programs.
  • Trainees will train and be EMA certified as Medical First Responders Schedule 2. They will also complete the Canadian Red Cross EMR course.
  • Trainees will become regular paid-on-call members of the Big White Fire Dept. and will be required to uphold the same standards and commitments. Trainees will receive the same stipends as the regular paid-on-call members.
  • The Big White Fire Dept. will assist the candidates career search for Fire Department job postings and provide education such as interview and resume writing skills.
  • Vacation time or personal leave can be made available upon request.
  • Trainees will be required to make a 11 month commitment to the program.

WEP Members will...

  • be involved in regular duty shifts.
  • create and maintain pre-incident plans, public education and participate in company inspections.
  • participate in specialized training sessions to maintain and enhance their certification and skill levels.
  • have the opportunity to instruct training courses to regular members in order to further apply and challenge their skills and abilities.
  • complete regular hall and equipment maintenance as an integral part of the program.
  • respond to emergency calls as paid-on-call members of the Big White Fire Department.


WEP firefighters also spend many hours living and working together while also performing routine duties at the fire hall. For this reason, the ability to accept orders, work as a team and to get along well with others is essential for all WEP firefighters. You must also be able to assess situations, make decisions, and act on your own initiatives.


To assist with the cost of living the Big White Fire Department will provide accommodations at the fire station as part of the work experience initiative. These accommodations will include separate bedrooms, bathrooms, laundry facilities, weight training room, full cooking facilities, two lounge areas, two training rooms and an office area with access to a computer and internet.

Requirements List

Your application package MUST include the following to be considered complete:​

Ready to Submit?

We are accepting applications from January 1, 2024 until the end of the business day, February 28, 2024

Step 1: Applications Received

Step 2: Applications Reviewed

Step 3: Selected Candidates will receive an Interview Questionnaire via email

Step 4: Zoom Interviews

Step 5: Reference Checks

Step 6: Acceptance Offer to WEP ends March 2024

Step 7: Tentative Start Date: Monday, May 27th, 2024

Apply Now

For recruitment information and questions, please contact:

Deputy Fire Chief Chris Bridgeman
Big White Fire Department
PO BOX 45004
Kelowna, BC V1P 1P3

Phone: 250-765-3090
Fax: 250-765-3051
Email: bwfdoperations@rdkb.com

Is the Work Experience
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